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Aloe Vera was relatively unknown in South Africa in the early 80's. Brian Cunningham, an associate of Mike and Kristina Dunleavy observed, during a visit to Europe, that aloe vera was becoming extremely popular as a health drink and as a base ingredient for skin-health products. He paid a visit to Spain to investigate a Company which was growing the aloe vera plants and marketing aloe vera health drinks and skin-care products through a large national network of distributors and agents. The owners of the Company were Americans who had brought expertise from the U.S.A.., using the original formulations developed by pharmacist, Bill Coates, founder of Aloe Vera America (AVA). Since the language of the brochures and pamphlets was Spanish, Brian handed over the contents of a sales kit to Mike Dunleavy,who was fluent in Spanish. Mike became very excited about the properties of this "wonder plant" and asked whether he could share in the excitement of setting up a South African Company.


The Company was registered in 1982,and it operated from Mike and Kristina's house in Kloof, South Africa , for two years. Initially, the pure aloe Vera juice was imported in drums and decanted for re-sale. The Spanish range of skin-care products was imported in retail packaging ,necessitating the use of English labels and pamphlets. As soon as the benefits of the products were discovered by the South African public, health stores countrywide eagerly spread the good news . The next step was to import the products in bulk, with a local Company doing the bottling and labelling. Finally, Mike and Brian visited the Spanish Company, and negotiated to use their formulations in order to manufacture locally. Moving into manufacturing premises, the Company developed the formulations to suit South African conditions. Mike and Kristina ultimately bought all shares in the Company to make it a family business.


After 21 years of trading, the South African aloe vera range has established itself as a leader in the local market, with a total of sixteen products, selling mainly through health stores. Several leading pharmaceutical Companies have incorporated aloe vera juice and oil into their products. Many medical recommendations are made for self- treatment of common conditions such as acne, chicken pox, athlete's foot, stings and burns etc. However,Mike and Kristina are aware that no medical claims regarding healing or curing may be made, except by customers who have had relief from different conditions. Some testimonials from happy users are included on this website.


Over the past twenty years, many people have suggested to Mike and Kristina that aloe vera would grow easily in South Africa. That is obviously true,but the commercial growing of aloes requires a good deal of expertise and long-term planning by committed farmers. During the last two years, test growing has taken place in Kwazulu-Natal,some distance inland from the city of Durban. The results are exciting. Within the next year, aloe vera, properly stabilized, and registered with the International Aloe Science Council, will be produced locally. The intention is to supply quality aloe vera extracts locally at highly competitive prices and to export into the world market.Already inquiries are being received from a world that has grown aware of the quality of agricultural produce that is available from South Africa. The potential for growth is very promising. Watch this space !


Since the scientific expertise to extract and stabilize aloe vera is now established, it is time to test the quality of our extracts in the world market. Enquiries are invited from potential buyers worldwide to sample and test our products. We have already calculated an ex-factory price that should delight local and foreign buyers alike. There are huge tracts of land with good soil lying idle in South Africa. This represents huge potential for the indigenous population to get involved in growing the plants and selling the leaves to Aloe Vera, South Africa.This would be our contribution to the local economy...our effort to fight poverty and unemployment...our gift to those who are affected by low immunity to disease. . We look forward to the challenges involved and the rewards of clinging to a dream when many about us seemed to think it hopeless. We send greetings to all users of aloe vera worldwide. We know we belong to a very special family. May you enjoy health and happiness through this miracle package from God's pharmacy!